• A10 Harmony controller 4.0.0


  • A10 Thunder 4.1.1. P7 (Only Thunder/vThunder ADC) Build 16A10 Lightning ADC 2.2+

New Features

  1. Self-managed Harmony Controller that can be installed in customer’s environment.

  2. Thunder ADC integration with Harmony Controller.

  3. Ability to manage Thunder devices, clusters and configure applications from central Harmony Portal.

  4. Per application analytics and insights available via Harmony Portal and APIs

    1. Ability to analyze the performance and behavior of the application servers and services.

    2. Ability to troubleshoot application service using per request logs.

Known Issues

9280 Under heavy log-rate, Harmony Portal may render slowly. Lowering down value of log-rate inHarmony Profile of Thunder device will help.
9273 Calculation of indicates at the top of application dashboard sometimes misses one data-sample incalculation. This may result in incorrect value of these indicates. This may automatically correct itself onrefresh.

9265 For transactions of large size or high latency, breakup of response time may show incorrect dataespecially when the transaction is still in-progress.
9261 For transactions of large size or high latency, a few graphs may show incorrect data especially whenthe transaction is still in-progress.

9125 Adding Thunder VCS Clusters to Harmony Controller via Thunder Device Manager may result inerror. Using device CLI is advised.
8976 Adding Thunder HA Clusters to Harmony Controller via Thunder Device Manager may result inerror. Using device CLI is advised.

9212 Due to the issues in Microsoft Edge, Single Sign On (SSO) for editing application configuration fails.Using Google Chrome is advised for smooth experience.
9243 Microsoft Edge web browser is sometimes tagged with incorrect name.
8267 Under certain circumstances Device Manager may not display registered Thunder devices.

9577 Internal network of Controller uses subnet. If network interface of any controller node ison that subnet, IP conflicts. Please put the controller nodes on different IP subnet.
9508 In case of HA Failover, analytics show the new active device status even for historical data thatbelongs to old device.

9683 If metrics-export-interval is altered from default value, time based information on dashboard showsup incorrect.
9177 Partition CPU usage are approximate. If only one partition is there in Thunder device, it may notshow the same value as Device CPU usage

9396 Email notifications from Thunder Device Manager of Harmony Controller are disabled.9518 Support for working of controller in GKE environment and use of NFS as storage is not fullycertified.


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