The current HARMONY release has the following limitations and known issues:

  • A10 Lightning Portal works best in Chrome and Firefox browser. 
  • Use of SSL3.0 is disabled because of SSL Poodle vulnerability. 
  • When PageSpeed policy is enabled, proxy does predictive fetching of URLs. This may look like inconstant data on UI. 
  • Some requests, when they are blocked as attacks, are not captured in the logs
  • A few metrics may not show up for auto scaled servers. 
  • A manual refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R) of browser window may be needed in some cases. 
  • Adding more WAF policies may degrade the performance. Selecting specific application types helps a lot to keep the performance good. 
  • In case an application is using HTTPS, all domains configured in the application require to have SSL settings.
  • Application Server Monitoring alert is not raised when the server comes back up. However, correct status is displayed on the dashboard.
  • When two applications served by same LADC cluster are configured with same proxy (listen) port, the system may not perform as expected.
  • The system allows to delete credentials even if they are being used in some applications. Manual caution is advised before deleting credentials.

  • When more than one AWS accounts are being used, in some remote cases, system fails to consume information (CloudWatch metrics, server scaling triggers) from AWS.

  • Some policies (Domain Translation and CSRF) that depend on parsing of response body and identifying embedded URLs will not be effected if URLs are embedded in non-html files.

Please feel free to contact us on in case you need help.